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  • Walking Through Promotion & Tenure
  • Troubleshooting Teams
  • What is CAFE?
  • Student Engagement at a Distance
  • Faculty Response to Student Mental Health
  • Conversations at Work
  • Encouraging Student Entrepreneurship through KEEN
  • Non-Tenure Track Faculty Affairs: CRRs

Walking Through Promotion & Tenure

Troubleshooting Teams

What is CAFE?

Student Engagement at a Distance

Best Practices for Teaching Distance

Here is a recording of the event

To tour a distance classroom, or to learn more about distance education, email

Faculty Response to Student Mental Health

If you weren't able to attend this webinar and would like resources, please contact Abby Bigg at or x7648

Conversations at Work

"Conversations at Work: Conference Connections part 2"

Wednesday, February 14   12 - 1PM

Havener - Carver Turner room

Learn from colleagues about the latest tools and technologies faculty are using in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. This event parallels the workshelp held in the fall of 2017, which was such a hit that we brought it back covering new tools. Amy Skyles presented about Twine, a "create your own adventure" tool. Dr. Beth Cudney shared ScoopIt, a content curation site; and Dr. Dan Reardon presented on how to modify online quizzes to improve objective assessment. Slides from the presentations can be found below. 

Reardon slides - online quizzes

Skyles slides - twine

Encouraging Student Entrepreneurship through KEEN

"Encouraging Student Entrepreneurship: A KEEN Sharing Event"

February 28, 3PM-4PM in Havener St. Pat's Ballroom A

This CERTI sponsored event is focused on KEEN, a network of faculty that promotes entrepreneurial-minded learning. Missouri S&T faculty from both colleges will share hands-on activites and resources from this valuable network for interdisciplinary collaboration. Learn how involvement with KEEN has impacted classroom atmosphere and student engagement. All faculty and staff instructors are invited. 

Video recording of event


KEEN Powerpoint 2.28.18

Activity Example and Explanation

Upcoming KEEN ICE Workshops and Conference Dates

For more information about KEEN and to register for free, visit

KEEN'zine online magazine: Instilling an entreprenuerial mindset in engineering students

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Affairs: CRRs

"Non-tenure Track Faculty Affairs: Discussion on CRRs"

March 9, noon-1:30PM in Havener Meramec Gasconade

Teaching Professor Steph Fitch led discussion about the collected rules and regulations for non-tenure track faculty. There is an IFC committee examining the CRRs for NTT faculty; Jossalyn Larson and Joan Schuman from that committee shared an update and what areas are being addressed. 

If you would like the slides from the PowerPoint presentation, please email Abby Bigg, CERTI Coordinator, at Information about non-tenure track faculty affairs can be found on the Office of the Provost website

Faculty Professional Development

Professional development events and workshops are available year round. Click the Professional Development tab at the top of this page to search the entire calendar of events, or download a PDF of the Spring 2018 calendar

Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

The new Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) is a resource for all S&T faculty to provide professional development from "hire to retire" in the areas of teaching, pedagogy, research, scholarship, service and leadership.

Teaching Partners Program

Through collegial partnership between you and a faculty mentor, participate in confidential classroom observation focusing on areas where you want to see improvement. Not ready to participate in the Teaching Partners Program? Sit in on the class of a Faculty Who Can Be Observed

End of Course Evaluations

Look up end of course evaluations here.

Follow this link for FAQs about end of course evaluations.

Mid-semester Feedback

Receive student feedback and learn how the semester is really going, instead of waiting  until the end of the course. Mid-semester feedback sessions are voluntary and administered through Educational Technology. Follow this link to learn more

Research Proposal Mentoring

Individual research proposal mentoring for faculty is available every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon by appointment. Bring a proposal idea and one page statement of work to share with faculty mentors. Sign up in advance at the link below.