CERTI is Missouri University of Science and Technology's faculty development center for teaching and learning, and is under the leadership of the Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) and the Office of the Provost.

CERTI provides a variety of faculty resources for teaching and learning such as professional development events, educational research assistance, observation and feedback of classroom teaching, and serves as a clearinghouse for other teaching information and resources on campus.

The CERTI mission is to foster faculty contribution to the continual improvement of the Missouri S&T learning environment through programs that emphasize collaborative, experiential, and technology-enhanced teaching as well as educational research.

The quality of the learning environment is dependent on the quality of course design and teacher student interactions

The integration of collaborative, experiential, and technology-enchanced teaching methods, coupled with effective assessment techniques, are powerful tools in the quest for improvement of student learning

Faculty ownership and contribution are key elements in facilitating an institutional adoption of educational best practices

The CERTI office is located in Norwood Hall room 207 on the Missouri S&T campus

Abby Bigg is the coordinator, and can be reached at certi@mst.edu or bigga@mst.edu

Contact us by phone at (573) 341-7648

Contact us by mail at: 207 Norwood Hall, 320 West 12th Street, Rolla, MO 65409

There are several teams who serve on the Advisory Committee for CERTI:

End of Course Evaluations Team: Dave Westenberg, LiLi Eng, Jeff Jennings, Catherine Johnson, Lucy Sutcliffe

Professional Development Team: Irina Ivliyeva, Zeshan Hyder, Ana Ichim, Julie Phelps, Klaus Woelk

Needs of Specific Faculty Team: Christi Luks, Jeff Schramm, Amardeep Kaur, Rachel Schneider, Joan Schuman, Mingzhen Wei

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Team: Amber Henslee, Malcolm Hays, Jennifer Leopold, Theresa Swift, Gayla Olbricht

Technology Team: Kate Sheppard, Beth Cudney, Nick Libre, Dan Reardon, Jossalyn Larson, Amy Skyles

The CERTI Office is located in 207 Norwood Hall on the Missouri S&T campus

Abby Bigg is the Coordinator, and can be reached at bigga@mst.edu or certi@mst.edu

Contact us by phone: (573) 341-7648

Or by mail: 207 Norwood Hall, 320 West 12th Street, Rolla, MO 65409