There are a variety of consulting services available to faculty who wish to review their teaching methodologies or who want feedback when implementing new teaching strategies, instructional tools, or both. 

To increase the effectiveness of the consultation, we recommend a more holistic approach that includes a combination of classroom observations, individual customized consulting, and formative feedback strategies. However, any one of the resources is available by itself.

Below we provide more details on the main instructional consulting resources that CERTI can assist with:

*Here's how the small-group student feedback sessions work:

1. Contact our office to arrange for the consultant's visit to your classroom.
2. Share a bit of history on your teaching goals and the strategies you use to reach your goals. Be sure to share statements that you wish to receive feedback on.
3. Pick the day for the consultant's visit.
4. End your class 30-40 minutes early, introduce the consultant, and leave the room.
5. The consultant will divide students into small groups with student discussion centered on
    What is helping you learn?
    What is hindering you in the learning process?
    What are your suggestions for improvement?
6. The consultant reconvenes the groups. The responses to all of the discussions are recorded and the entire class provides consensus feedback. A confidential, finished transcript is presented to the instructor, and the consultant offers an opportunity to discuss the feedback.